Billy, Fred and the Importance of Being Ernest: William Meredith’s WWI Medals

Posted: October 12, 2014 in Soldiers, WWI
Obverse sides of Billy Meredith's medal set. 2014.

Obverse sides of Billy Meredith’s medal set. 2014.

This article is a little different for me as its inspiration was not taken from a name on a memorial, but a cache of medals from a surviving soldier of the First World War. Dave, a regular at the Harrison’s club in Great Wyrley, mentioned that he had his grandfather’s medals and asked if I would like to see them. I did and he duly obliged. He presented me with a set of four medals that belonged to a William Henry Meredith, but even a basic inspection showed immediately that there was something that wasn’t quite right. Dave knew nothing of the medals and was at a loss when I pointed-out the inconsistencies, so, with his permission I set-off to unravel the Meredith story and the medal mystery…


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