The Norton Canes Endowed School on School Lane, Little Wyrley.

Posted: March 21, 2015 in Buildings, education, Schools
The bottom end of the enclosure, including the former garden. 2015.

The bottom end of the enclosure, including the former garden. 2015.

A few weeks ago, Brian Holmes asked the question as to why School Lane in Little Wyrley/Norton Canes had such a name

  1. John Hall says:

    I was most certainly the last person to be born (1947) at 254 School Lane, my cousins lived next door at 256.
    These were the only houses on School Lane throughout the 20th century and my Grandparents lived at that property from the time of their marriage in 1919.
    I have numerous photographs taken of the properties during that period
    My Grandfather (Alf Nichols) was a farm labourer who worked for the tenant farmer in a Mr.Benton I believe, and the farm was rented from the Wallace’s of Little Wyrley Hall.

    Throughout my childhood we found bits and pieces, chalk boards, marbles, rusted hoopla rings etc in the garden attached to the properties but at that time I never had a great deal of interest in the use of the properties prior to my Grandparents living there.

    Whilst , I live in Lincolnshire I travel back to the Midlands on a 6-8 weekly cycle and would love to follow this request from Mr. Holmes up.
    I can certainly provide history of School Lane throughout most of the 20th Century and have asked previously in this blog why the lane was closed and access denied to what was an idyllic area of natural woodland.

    John Hall

    • wyrleyblog says:

      Hi John, thank you for the comments and any photos would be happily accepted. The gating order was made in 2008 and was an attempt, I think, to deal with fly-tipping more than anything:-

      This Order is made by Staffordshire County Council (“the Authority”) under Section 129A of
      the Highways Act 1980 because it appears to the Authority that a Gating Order would
      reduce crime and anti-social behaviour taking place either on, or facilitated by the existence
      of, the public highway. This Order may be cited as the Staffordshire County Council
      (School Lane, Little Wyrley) Gating Order 2008

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