Wyrleyblog in Mourning: Jack Haddock

Posted: March 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

Jack (Stuart Williams)

Jack (Stuart Williams)

This post was supposed to be a celebration, as Wyrleyblog is 2 years-old today. I was going to go on about hits and things, but I awoke to some sad news that really put pay to all that – it just didn’t seem so important anymore. Local historian and photographer Jack Haddock, whom I have known as a near resident of the Walsall Local History Centre for 10 years, has passed away. My colleagues at the Centre have posted a tribute to him on the Centre’s Blog and FB page and I would like to attach that to this post. An exhibition of his work is in the planning stages. We are all upset at the Centre and will remember him fondly… http://webwalsall.com/local-history-centre/?p=691

  1. tonykulik says:

    Sad news RIP Jack

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