Anthony Read and Bob Holmes: From Cheslyn Hay to Gallifrey (via Walsall)

Posted: June 11, 2016 in Family History, Television
Station Street, Walsall, in the 1980s, where Bob Holmes worked around 1951-1952. Walsall Local History Centre.

Station Street, Walsall. Bob Holmes worked here around 1951-1952. Walsall Local History Centre.

Recently I discovered connections between Doctor Who, Cheslyn Hay and Walsall, so, as a bit of fun, I thought I would write an article on these connections, Bob Holmes and Tony Read, that I hoped would appeal to general local interest or TV nostalgia. Bob was a prolific writer for the series for near 20 years, becoming the series Script Editor as Tom Baker took over the role in 1974. Holmes spent a few years in Walsall as a journalist before moving on and eventually into television. Tony succeeded Holmes for a year as Script Editor in 1977. He was born in Cheslyn Hay in 1935 and would later move to Walsall, being educated at Queen Mary’s Grammar School in Walsall.

  1. Flanders Field says:

    WOW, a great piece Wyrley, brought back lots of memories though I must admit that the Krotons passed me by. Keep on Bloggin Sir!

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