A Man, a War, a Harp and a Monkey: The Frederick Wray Story

Posted: March 20, 2017 in Family History, Social History, Soldiers, War Memorials, WWI

The Cross Keys, Hednesford, where Freddie attended the John Wesley lodge of the RAOB not long after the picture was taken. (HeathHaysHistory)

The title to this story is a little bit different and I am sure the mind is boggling as to just how a man, a war, a harp and a monkey could all fit together. Well, the first link is easy: the search for the man, Frederick George Wray, started with a bit of a mystery that arose from the war memorial in Hednesford. What happened then was that the mystery was partly solved through a moment of serendipity, however, the answer that moment of serendipity provided only served to take the story on – and to try to answer a question posed by a harp and a monkey! Confused? I will explain… https://wyrleyblog.wordpress.com/cannock/a-man-a-war-a-harp-and-a-monkey-the-frederick-wray-story/

  1. Graeme Clarke says:

    Hi Paul,

    A fantastic piece of investigation/research into this little known entry on the war memorial.


    As an aside, Norman Arthur Parton, also commemorated on the Hednesford War Memorial, was killed in action on the day of Frederick’s wounding. He also transferred from the 1/5th South Staffordshire Regiment, most probably with Frederick.



    • Jacqueline says:


      Norman Arthur Parton was my great uncle. I was looking for stories regarding his time. We have medals but not much further information.

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