Mr Bloxwich, Stuart Williams

Posted: October 15, 2019 in Uncategorized

I suppose as a historian I should be used to things passing, but somehow I cannot really get used to it. Bloxwegian, local historian, author, photographer, sci-fi nut, one-time Viking and long-time colleague at Walsall Local History Centre Stuart Williams – or to me simply Stewy – has passed away. Stewy encouraged and then helped me set-up Wyrleyblog and it hurts to see him go but somehow, if there is justice, I get the feeling his spirit is about to be presented with the Freedom of the Borough of Bloxwich by Gene Roddenberry – to the pride of his parents as they look on.

My thoughts are with his brother, Andy.

  1. Luke Wildman says:

    Thoughts also with mr William’s family. Peace be with him..
    Having recently moved to the area and discovering this blog has been enthralling.
    I notice your posts have become more sporadic of late but I do hope they continue.
    Along with brownhills bob and lichfieldlore I think you do a great service to the local area.

  2. tonykulik says:

    RIP Stuart

  3. Flanders Field says:

    WOW! That has really shocked me. I have known him, through the History Centre, for years. In all of that time he welcomed me to the centre with some sarky dig about Darlo being closed down or the excitement Darlastonians had watching the traffic lights change.
    Valhalla will be a lot more interesting from now on.


  4. From Bloxwich to Burma and back 1939/45. My uncle John Jack Gretton, born Walsall 1922 died
    in Bloxwich 1980/90. Not too sure about that?
    Does anyone in Bloxwich know about him or the date he passed away please. As a soldier born in
    Walsall , Orlando Street, in 1922, fought in Burma 39/45, it seems a shame he has been lost to
    history. Can any help my quest please. Medals Burma Star.

    How he survived Burma I do not know, but he did

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