The Chilton Family at War: Churchbridge, Bridgtown and Shirebrook

Posted: March 25, 2020 in Family History, General War, WWI, WWII

Harold Chilton, of Churchbridge, Bridgtown and Shirebrook

This article will form a part of the forthcoming GWLHS/HLF book on Gt Wyrley in WWI… It is impossible to track everyone that lived in Great Wyrley and then left, going on to fall in the conflict; it did, however, feel right that I should find someone to act as representative for all of those that fall into this category, in order to show they are included in this community book at least in spirit. The story of the Chilton family, and it was Harold Chilton, once of Churchbridge, that was initially the focus, stands as that representative not only for Great Wyrley but also for our neighbours in Bridgtown…

  1. Mark Cooper says:


    I saw your blog phot of Harold Chilton, and although I do not know the family history , there was

    an Edwin Chilton based in Sweetman Street, Wolverhampton in Lowe Street, 1873-1880. I know

    a lot about the Chilton’s of Wolverhampton, if that is the same family.

    Mark R Cooper. Local Historian

  2. Hello, The was a branch of the Chilton Family in Wolverhampton if this is part of the family 1873/1880 if I remember correctly.
    I’m trying to trace a photo of my grandad Bertie Henry CRICK living in Walsall WW1, killed in action
    July 17th 1917 , St Jan, Ypres , Cpl aged 27.

  3. Graeme Clarke says:

    I have a studio photograph of Harold Chilton. Cannot recall where I got it from so do not know about copyright etc.
    Please contact me if this is any use.
    Graeme Clarke

    • wyrleyblog says:

      Hi Graeme, I was contacted by a family member who has photos of all if them that I can use when the story goes in the GW WWI book. Hope you are well!

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