Take Away That Bauble: The Display of War Ordnance in Walsall 1850 – 1940.

Take Away That Bauble: The Public Display of War Ordnance in Walsall 1850 – 1940.

In the August of 2018, having left Walsall Archives, I decided to undertake another degree – a full-time MRes, Master of Research (History) – at Keele University. The idea was to prepare myself for a PhD, as I never really expected to get back into archives; however, as it was, I did return – first part-time at Birmingham University, then full-time at Dudley. Considering this, as well as being in a lot of discomfort from another medical issue, I was pleased to achieve a distinction.

I have placed on Wyrleyblog a couple of the assignments that I had to do: one on the nature of history (not the most exciting post on the blog), the other on the concept of war trophies – as this formed the basis of the dissertation I was to write. I am now going to serialise that dissertation, as it over 25,000 words long. In order to make it readable, I have removed the contents and illustration pages, as they are no longer relevant page-wise, and some of the illustrations used; further, the footnotes have been cut down to a basic level. A full bibliography can be found at the end of the dissertation.