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Springhill House: built in Georgian style, it is orientated to face the old gardens, not the road. 2017.

This is the second part of a three part article on the archaeological and historical landscape of Springhill (Essington Wood) with a special focus on Springhill House and its Covert, a piece of woodland to the rear of this house that once hosted the Birches Sun Club, a former naturist (nudist, in parlance of old) site…

The Hall on a later copy of the 1845 Tithe Map (Walsall Local History Centre)

I thought I would turn-out a few shorter articles that have their origins in the interesting questions that have been submitted to the Blog Facebook page recently. This one concerns a grave slab in Bloxwich All Saint’s Church to the ‘memory of HARRY PARKES Of Birch Hill Hall’, who was killed on 3 Aug 1833. It seemed to me that the focus of the question was the accidental death of Harry Parkes – and yes, I could help with that – but I also picked out Birch Hill Hall (Birchills Hall) and so I thought I would do a few quick paragraphs on that too…

The 1" OS Map, 1834. Surveyed earlier. (Walsall Local History Centre)

The 1″ OS Map, 1834. Surveyed earlier.
(Walsall Local History Centre)

A few days ago I was asked about a now lost property in Bloxwich called Highfield House. Dipping my toe into the potential sources only showed me that the house itself was difficult to trace and I realised pretty quickly that I would have to chart a wider area. So I set myself a challenge – in this case a Time Team styled time limit. Whilst at the end of it I didn’t expect to produce a definitive article, I did hope at least to shine a little light on Highfields House for those that are interested. So, what is out there and what could I discover? As Tony Robinson would say, I had just three hours to find out.