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Harold Chilton, of Churchbridge, Bridgtown and Shirebrook

This article will form a part of the forthcoming GWLHS/HLF book on Gt Wyrley in WWI… It is impossible to track everyone that lived in Great Wyrley and then left, going on to fall in the conflict; it did, however, feel right that I should find someone to act as representative for all of those that fall into this category, in order to show they are included in this community book at least in spirit. The story of the Chilton family, and it was Harold Chilton, once of Churchbridge, that was initially the focus, stands as that representative not only for Great Wyrley but also for our neighbours in Bridgtown…

A Seaman's Suit (Walsall Local History Centre)

A Seaman’s Suit: A poem by Baron Powell to aid the Mayor of Walsall’s appeal for the Merchant Navy Comforts Service
(Walsall Local History Centre)

Here is a snippet of a story. A few days ago the Walsall Local History Centre was approached by the Mayor’s Office in relation to an item gifted to the Mayor from a citizen of the town. The Mayor was curious to find out a little more about, so I had a look. Having done so, I thought it would make an interesting enough little bonus article for the blog and for the Walsall Local History Centre’s Facebook page.