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Cannock Advertiser reports Bason's death, May 1918  (Cannock Library)

Cannock Advertiser reports Bason’s death, May 1918
(Cannock Library)

After having the fortune of finding so much information on Harry Griffiths, I was again to return to the frustrations of not being able to find a war record for my next chosen soldier – Theodore Crescens Bason. I am going to start with a familiar photograph, then ask the reader what is strange about it? It was this quirk that attracted me to research what I found to be Great Wyrley’s only fallen officer…Click link to read more

The Bridge. Lloyd's Chambers is on the right. The last place Minnie was seen at 11.10 pm (Walsall Local History Centre)

The Bridge. Lloyd’s Chambers is on the right. The last place Minnie was seen at 11.10 pm
(Walsall Local History Centre)

Over the past year I have recounted a few tales that drew my attention while listing the cases of the Walsall Coroner some years back. Several further stories have since sprang to mind for a re-telling, but none so mysterious and bizarre as that of Minnie Mills. This story revolves around a horrific event that took place in 1912. Maud Minnie Mills was a 36 year-old woman who was fond of a drink and separated from her husband by court order. On the night of the 29 April, Minnie was to be shot four times in the face and at close range; it was an act that the Coroner described as ‘one of the foullest crimes of murder they have heard of in the annals of Walsall’. Despite the bullets being lodged in her head, it took several days for her to die; indeed, she tried to carry on life as if nothing had happened. Despite the fact it was obvious to the doctors that she had been shot, right up to the last she maintained it was her fault – claiming her injuries were simply the result of a fall. By the time she received medical help, it was too late. A verdict of ‘willful murder’ was passed, but nobody was brought to justice for the crime… Click the link to read more…